Air Conditioning

A simple guide to air conditioning equipment for Commercial or Domestic environments giving cool airs in the summer and warm airs in the winter.

Wall mounted

The most commonly observed air conditioning systems are termed 'wall mounted'. These devices that as their name suggests are sited on walls, typically above head height. You will find wall mounted units in just about any environment, be they offices, shops, residential rooms or conservatories.

These type of units are extremely effective devices at both cooling or heating and with our entry level Fujitsu wall mounted unit supplied at fitted for less than a thousand pounds plus Vat, then they represent our most cost effective solution, bar none.

Compact and standard cassette

The next most common air conditioning unit observed in shops, offices and homes are termed 'compact ceiling cassette'. Compact ceiling cassettes typically fit into a standard 600mm X 600mm ceiling tile, but can be installed in any ceiling. A larger format standard cassette is also available for great power output. All cassettes give a four way output of warm or cool airs with the central grill acting as the main inlet.

An excellent choice of air conditioning system satisfying a multitude of environments.

Concealed ducted

Concealed ducted can be installed in any situation (including residential) where sufficient roof or ceiling void is available. Effortless subtle delivery of cool or warm 'airs for a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Floor Mounted Radiator Style

Perfect for a bedroom or conservatory these units are similar in size and positioning to a typical radiator. They are excellent devices for heating and cooling and with their shallow profile and lowered positioning, they do not dominate a room rather they go unnoticed…except for their performance.

VRF - Variable Refrigerant Flow

VRF is an air conditioning system that allows multiple indoor evaporator units to be connected to typically one external condensing unit. VRF systems allow for a two or a three pipe network to run through an entire building with branch junctions occurring wherever an evaporator is desired.

VRF's are perfect for cooling and heating buildings where multiple rooms require individual temperature control and where external space for the condenser is limited. Smaller VRF systems are available for residential applications and can be used to replace the traditional heating system of the building.

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